Shaz Newton is an accomplished Guitarist Songwriter turned Singer that has her heart in ROCK but her mind is on an eclectic musical journey taking a time of challenge to a confident success story.

Available for Solo Shows, Band shows, Session work, Guitar and Bass Guitar Fill In for Band and Artist work, Engineering, Producing and Writing and Studio Work.

Performed Styles range from Rock, Blues Rock, Country, Jazz, Funk, Folk, Indie, Surf, Rockabilly, Contemporary, Acoustic, Roots and World Music.

With gigs all over Queensland and Northern New South Wales, its hard to see how she can find the time to come up with new material. Nevertheless, a new album is on its way.

So how has this come about?

“I took a 5 1/2 month journey to the other side of the world, playing a couple of contemporary festivals in Serbia with the 49th Guitarreada Zaječar supporting USA’s Guano Apes, and Sweden’s Västeräs City and Pride Festivals where I found myself with 3 weeks of studio time en grantee. But the fun didn’t end there; my marriage did. So it became a journey of survival and a creative blossoming. Needless to say the new album tone is part introspective evolving to a nerve jostling aural explosion of Guitars and Electronica. Upon my return to Australia and more recording studios, the beautiful masterpiece was about to unravel.”

Shazza’s musical influence and ability came from the young age of 4. A 1968 Kreisler Stereogram and records ranging from The Atlantics, Piranha to ACDC and Pink Floyd became the formation of her sound and stylistic writing. Having written and performed with many bands, later saw her study Jazz at the Uni of Adelaide. She moved to Brisbane in 2010 and resumed a solid career of performance and writing. Having performed in all the major Entertainment Centers across Australia in her classic rock fuelled band Diva Demolition on the 2013 “Monster Tour” with KISS, Mötley Crüe and Thin Lizzy and “Global Warming” Tour with Aerosmith, Wolfmother and Dead Daisies, Shaz got to live life on the road giving her plenty of stories to draw inspiration from. It also placed yet another fork in the road.

The search for the musical highs became an addiction. Working with a co-writer on songs, finally a single was published by Mushroom Publishing, appearing on sitcom “Neighbors”. Several tours performing to various offshore deployed Military Personnel, gave many thrills and spills. But finally, the journey to Europe provided a longer thrill that led to Shaz finding her voice and bringing it to centre-stage.

The current project is an extension on the Sweden Delve Deeper Project with Diva Demolition. Shaz comes out from a veil to grab the Lead Vocal while slinging Gibson endorsed guitars that alone will sing you a story. You’ll discover a plethora of musical influences that converge to one unnerving yet stunningly simple, catchy melody.

Shaz is touring solo across the country now and working with a Nashville coach to open her to a new journey. Keep an eye out for new album “Delve Deeper” by Diva Demolition and her solo album “Lava Lamps and Furry Jackets”.


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